Harmonious Inhabitable Environment Building Land with Kindness

Real estate development, trade logistics and clean energy, which are closely connected with the new urbanization of China, are the three main business parts of the Longjitaihe Group, providing all the needs of city building, city services and urban sustainable development.

Clean Energy - Creating Sustainable Development

Thoroughly understanding the development trend of clean energy, Longjitaihe successively established the Lightway Green New Energy Co., Ltd and Cloud Energy Technology Co., Ltd from 2008. With powerful technical R&D and operating power, the subordinate companies of Longjitaihe have become the leader's of China's one-stop process 'from photovoltaic component production to the development and operation of photovoltaic power stations and smart energy solutions', and their businesses cover Mainland China and Taiwan, Europe, America, Australia and other Asia-Pacific regions. The company was listed in Hong Kong in 2015.

Smart Energy Services

As a supplier of smart energy solutions, Longjitaihe is committed to the expansion and balance of the demand side and supply side of energy consumption.Through its subordinate smart energy service platform, Longjitaihe provides omnibearing smart services for the supply side and consumption side, including distributed energy, energy conservation and consumption reduction, energy trading and other value-added services.

LongiTech Smart Energy Holding Limited(HK 01281)